Richard Schooler



Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052



20 Ellsworth Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139



I have been a software development engineer, manager, and technical leader for 20 years, primarily in programming language implementation, program transformation, optimization, and analysis areas.  I enjoy being technically “hands on”, as well as working with people, both within and outside my organization, and leading collaborative efforts.  I always try to stay focused on what is truly important for customers and the business.

I am not currently seeking another position.



Microsoft Research



Senior Architect



Windows Build Architecture Team


VERITAS Software Corp., Cambridge, MA (via acquisition)



Technical Director



Member of the Product Management and Technical Direction team, reporting to the Vice President, Application Performance Management.  Drove end-to-end functionality and performance analysis for new Application Saver product.



Geodesic Systems Inc., Cambridge, MA (via acquisition)



Vice President of Technology



With CTO, responsible for developing and bringing new technology to Geodesic Application Reliability Management products.  Coordinated and drove specification efforts for joint product with Precise Inc., including Functional Spec, Release Drivers, and GUI Concept.  Made technology presentations that helped lead to acquisition agreements by Precise and subsequently VERITAS.  As senior developer, maintained and enhanced instrumentation and runtime components.  Helped bring in additional DARPA funds.



InCert Software Corp., Cambridge, MA



Chief Technology Officer




Led technical diligence for financing rounds and acquisition discussions, leading to merger with Geodesic Systems in 2002. Investigated and developed product futures in areas such as performance, security, and memory.  Kicked off and contributed to all of our product lines, including TraceBack for Java, .NET, and Solaris. Led many technical presentations for sales and partnership discussions.  Principal Investigator on DARPA research grant. 




Vice President, Research & Development


Led the engineering team, growing it from the original 3 technical founders to 25+, including QA, documentation, and project management.  First full-time employee beyond founding team.  One of the original core developers, implementing integrated Control-Flow Analysis and Constant Propagation (see Patents).  Successfully developed core binary instrumentation technology.  Built two shipping products for OS/390 (InCert Examiner & TraceBack).  Initiated development for Windows/x86.  Developed plans for further platforms. 




Hewlett-Packard Co., Chelmsford, MA


Consulting Engineer, High Level Optimizer (HLO) Architect





Responsible for introducing new technology into HLO and contributing to the architecture of compiler products.


Project Manager, High Level Optimizer (HLO)





Supervised a team of 15 engineers. Led efforts to support high-level optimization in new front ends (ANSI C++, Fortran 90), new micro-processors (PA-8000), new runtime models (64-bits), and new architectures (IA-64). Shipped high-quality scalable cross-module and profile-driven optimizations, achieving leadership performance on industry-standard benchmarks and commercial applications.  (HLO added 40+% to PA-8000 SPEC95 performance.)

Patent coordinator for R&D lab.  Managed lab-wide capital budget and machine resources.  Program manager for lab-wide release. Managed university research relationships.


Senior Engineer, High Level Optimizer (HLO)




Founding member and technical lead on HLO.  Developed the overall architecture, led detailed implementation planning, and designed and implemented analysis and optimization phases.  Initiated the loop transforms framework, through performance analysis and literature search.



Software Development Engineer, HP-Apollo AT compiler


Maintained and enhanced constant-propagation and induction-variable phases.  Re-targeted PA-RISC compiler from OSF/1 to HP-UX, supervising one engineer.



Bolt, Beranek & Newman Advanced Computers, Cambridge, MA



Software Development Engineer


Added parallel execution features to the Fortran compiler, and ported an Ada runtime to a real-time operating system, supervising one engineer.  Member of the Parallel Computing Forum, a parallel language standards committee (X3H5).



Intermetrics, Inc., Cambridge, MA




Software Development Engineer



Team leader of Modula compiler front and middle end, supervising up to three other engineers.  Designed and implemented flow analysis and optimization.  Participated in Jovial and Ada compiler optimization projects.





“Method and apparatus for improving performance of a program using a loop interchange, loop distribution, loop interchange sequence”, #6,038,398, granted March 14, 2000.

A Method for Determining Program Control Flow”, #6,308,321, granted October 23, 2001.

“A Method for Back Tracing Program Execution”, #6,353,924, granted March 5, 2002.

“Method for Simulating Back Program Execution from a Traceback Sequence”, filed 12/29/99.

“Early Warning Mechanism for Enhancing Enterprise Availability”, filed 12/29/99.




“How We Got More Power from Existing Tests”, Software Test and Quality Engineering, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Jan/Feb 1999.

“Scalable Cross-Module Optimization”, with Andy Ayers, Bob Gottlieb, ACM PLDI 1998.

“Aggressive Inlining”, with Stuart de Jong, Andy Ayers, John Peyton, ACM PLDI 1997.

“Independent Testing of Compiler Phases Using a Test Case Generator”, with William Homer, Software---Practice and Experience, Vol. 19(1), 53--62 (January1989).

“A Small Scheme Implementation”, with James Stamos, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science Technical Report, MIT/LCS/TR-267, October 1984.

“Partial Evaluation as a Means of Language Extensibility”, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science Technical Report MIT/LCS/TR-324, August 1984.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA



M.S., Computer Science
Thesis: “Partial Evaluation as a Means of Language Extensibility”
Advisor: Prof. David Gifford



B.S., Computer Science
B.S., Mathematics




U.S. permanent resident, U.K. citizen.  I’m married with two kids: Isabel (1993), and Benjamin (1996).  I grew up internationally, and speak OK French and German.  I enjoy photography, collecting old cameras, and building my family photo web-site (  I'm also interested in classical music (especially baroque), architecture (especially houses around 1900), hiking, bicycling, and skiing.