Richard Schooler

Richard Schooler

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I am a Senior Architect at Microsoft Research. My office is in Redmond, but for now my family is still in Cambridge, MA.


Here's a resumé, indicating what I've done previously.

Personal Interests:

  • Architecture. The real kind that is: buildings. I especially enjoy residential architecture of the period around 1900, including H.H. Richardson, the so-called Victorian and Queen Anne styles, and the Arts & Crafts movements in Great Britain and the U.S.A. I have a good collection of books on the subject, and enjoy visiting the best examples, such as Greene & Greene houses in California. Here's a picture index.
  • Cameras. I collect old cameras, and have hundreds of cameras and lenses. Almost all are 35mm, mostly from around the 1950's. The biggest single part is Canon, from rangefinder models through the early SLR cameras. I also have a lot of Olympus Pen F (half-frame SLR), Robot (spring-wound motor drive), and some Leica (screw and M), Nikon (rangefinder and F), and much else.
  • Classical music. I especially enjoy Baroque and "early music". If I had to live with only one composer it would be Bach. But I have fairly wide tastes; if I had to pick the greatest composer of the 20th century, it would be Shostakovich. I have a good CD collection, but don't hear as much live music as I did BK (Before Kids).
  • Ukiyo-E. I enjoy Japanese woodblock prints. I made a conscious decision not to collect actual prints, having enough expensive hobbies! I do have a a good number of books on the subject, including a number of out-of-print references collected in 2nd-hand bookstores (yet another material addiction :-). I like Hiroshige (who doesn't) and the early "classic" prints.
  • Digital Photography. I only acquired a digital camera in 2001, but for quite a while before that, I've had a film scanner, and have been having fun with some of the image manipulation software out there. Here's the main link to my pictures online, and a guide to choosing a digital camera.
  • Programming. Here's a Scrabble program in Java.
  • High School. I graduated from Munich American High School, class of '79. Here are some pictures. I attended the 20th reunion in Winter Park, Colorado.
  • Family. Last but certainly not least! I married my long-term (since high school!) friend Chantal in 1990. We had a daughter Isabel in 1993, and a son Benjamin in 1996, and plan to stop there.