2005 Pictures

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Indoor Soccer in Magnuson Park:

Practicing in a rink in one of the old Coast Guard hangars.
Up in the air.
Enjoying the action.
In the real game, Benjamin blocks a goal shot (barely!).
He lines it up...
And shoots!
Aldo throws it in.
Sweeping past the opposition.
On the defense.
A team picture with Coach Dave. (A thin turn-out that day, unfortunately.)

Snow in Seattle:

A panorama from the porch:
A vertical panorama over Ravenna Park from the pedestrian bridge:

Isabel and Benjamin with sleds and their snowman:

A cross-bridge in Ravenna Park:

Chantal enjoying snow shoveling:

All dressed up, and nowhere to go:

A view down 20th street from the bridge:

A festive gateway:

At the end of January, a ski trip to Whistler, B.C.

Horseshoe Bay, at the entrance of Howe Sound, just outside Vancouver. It reminded us of a Norwegian fjord.
Benjamin in front of a big propellor.
Whistler mountain rising over the village. Unfortunately, we visited during one of the worst ski seasons in decades, after weeks of unseasonal rain. Oh well, at least the snow on top of the mountain, almost a mile higher, was OK.
A bald eagle in flight over the Squamish River at Brackendale.
Shannon Falls, 335 meters tall, or over 1,000 feet.

To the right, Chantal on the walkway, and trees growing out of a nurse stump.

Back home in February:

Isabel in Grandma Dorothy's skating dress.
Cherry blossoms out on the street.
A trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bainbridge Island:

Ferry coming into harbor.
Sailboats reflected in the water.
Grandpa Tor came back with us from Utah, and we were visiting a daughter of an old friend of his who lives on Bainbridge Island.
Isabel and Benjamin on the dock.
The kids considering a boat for sale.
Kids walking down the pier.
A seagull on the ferry back to town.
Seagulls frolicing in the air, the Olympics in the background.
Mt. Rainier looming over Puget Sound.
Ferries crossing under the mountain, in front of West Seattle.
Seattle gleaming in the sunset.

March around home:

Japanese cherry trees in the UW quad. These Yoshino trees date from the 1930s, and were transplanted to the quad in the 60s from the Arboretum when they were in the way of highway construction.
Some closeups, showing the blossoms charmingly erupting right from the trunks.
Benjamin, Isabel, and friend Lily in a tree.
And another one.
The kids standing at their school bus stop.
Later in March, a trip to California.

May, Opening Day boats in Seattle:

Opening Day is the official start of the boating season in Seattle, and is celebrated by rowing races and a boat parade.

Benjamin spectating from the bank of the Ship Canal, by the Montlake Cut.
The UW marching band floats by.
Dragon boats, racing shells, and boats gathered in Portage Bay.

Washington's Pacific Coast:

Fishing boats in the harbor at Westport, in Grays Harbor.
A path through the dunes, looking North to Point Brown and Ocean Shores.
Washington's tallest lighthouse, built 1897.
Below, a gnarly stump on the beach:

Benjamin goes to Camp Indianola:

A scavenger hunt on the beach.
Rosa Rugosa, a wild rose familiar from Cape Cod. (Isabel took this one.)
Benjamin prepares to launch off the rope swing.
And off he goes!
Benjamin and Isabel relaxing in the net.
Later in May, a trip to the San Juan Islands.
San Juans
Back home, a mix of sunny/rainy weather gave rise to a number of fine rainbows. Double rainbows are actually much more common than one might think, but one does need to look for them. In the second picture, the sky between the two rainbows is darker; this is known as Alexander's dark belt, and in some sense represents the missing light that has been diverted into the rainbows themselves. The primary rainbow is light that has been totally reflected within the raindrops, then refracted back out. The secondary rainbow has been reflected a couple more times within the raindrops, with more light leaking out, so it's fainter.

Grandma José's 70th Birthday:

Over Memorial Day, we travelled down to California, to Aunt Caroline and Uncle Chip's house, for Grandma José's 70th birthday celebration. (These pictures were taken with a Leica M6, scanned from negatives.)

Playing in the pool:
Chantal sits with Caroline and Joey.
Grandma José with Joey.
Kids preparing birthday cards.
A sample of their work.
A family portait with Champagne.
Caroline brings out the birthday cake.
Chantal and José setting up for dessert.
Joey in his birthday hat.
Isabel and Psyche in their hats!

Marian and Uwe visit:

Benjamin and Isabel with Aunt Marian on the ferry, with the Seattle skyline behind.
Marian and Chantal.
Poppies on Bainbridge Island.

Benjamin's 9th Birthday:

Orienteering in Ravenna Park; Benjamin points out the way.
Gathering by the bridge.
Kids on a big boulder.
Chantal and Isabel relaxing while the boys play.
The birthday cake:
Miles gaving Benjamin his first put-together model.
Benjamin blowing up a rocket balloon.
Afterwards, Chantal and Isabel relaxing. Puss is showing his surgery scars, all shaved.

Spring Soccer:

Shane kicks off while Miles watches from the goal.
Parents watching from the sidelines.
The goalie's eye view.
Shane and Leif going for the ball.
Benjamin contests possesion.
A goal attempt.
Andrew throws it in.
Christian has it.
Benjamin in the goal (never his favorite position).
And he kicks it in.
Shane takes it up the line.
Leif headed for the goal.
Coach Dave leads a half-time huddle.
Benjamin gets some individual coaching.
A team picture.
Hamming it up for the photographer.
Having fun in the playground after the game.

Around home:

At the Farmers' Market: Chantal and the kids examining bread.
Chantal considering vegetables.
Isabel's ballet demonstration:
Take me out the ball game! Ichiro on the mound; looks like a foul ball. Sadly, the Mariners lost 5-0 to Oakland.

Below, a panorama of the field:
A hike off Snoqualmie pass, a fogbound Talapus Lake.
Benjamin and neighbor Joe enjoying their picnic lunch.

A train trip to Portland, Oregon, in early July:

We took Amtrak's Cascades train from Seattle to Portland for a quick weekend trip.

Bridges over the Willamette River:
Chantal, Isabel, and Benjamin on the promenade:
Mother and child enjoying a fountain.
Isabel and Chantal considering their next moves.
Going back; Union Station.
Benjamin and Chantal enjoying the train ride.
The Chinese Garden:
Later in July, we joined our neighbors the Kellys on some of their weekly hikes. First, a hike up Mt. Rainier, and then to Snow Lake around Snoqualmie Pass.
Mt. Rainier
Snow Lake


These were taken by Isabel and friends...

Laura and baby Meghan.
Sam the cat, whom our landlords the Colvens had left with us.
Isabel and Catherine.
Sam again, hiding in his usual place, under the hall table, waiting for his chance to escape out the front door.
Shelli and Chantal.
Lily and her mouse.
Late in August, a final trip in the Seattle area: a tour around the Olympic Peninsula.
Olympic Peninsula

Grandpa Edmund's 70th Birthday:

On my last trip back from Seattle to Boston, I stopped by California for the Labor Day Weekend, and my father's 70th birthday, hosted by my sister.

The birthday cake, with lovely fruits.
A family portrait: Richard, Caroline, Terry, and Edmund.
A poster of memories.
And a second.
Terry and Edmund toast.
Grandpa Edmund gives a little speech.
Grandpa Edmund and children.
Grandpa Edmund and Grandma Terry.
Cutting the cake.
Kids' table.
Another view of the kids.
Grandpa Edmund admires his new (old) Champagne bucket.
The bucket in action.
Grandpa Edmund relaxing at home in Berkeley.
Edmund and Richard.
Grandpa Edmund picking tomatoes in the garden.
Colorful tomatoes.

September around home:

Isabel's 12th birthday, apple-picking, and farm stands.

Isabel holding her cake, with friends Maxine, Isabelle, and Megan.
At the apple orchard.
Benjamin and Isabel consulting.
A cute little apple tree.
Apples all ripe on the tree.
Cherry tomatoes at the farm stand.
Benjamin practicing archery at the fair.
Pumpkins at the farm stand. White was oddly fashionable this year.
A variety of tomatoes.
More pumpkins, this time orange as they should be!

Krauskopfs visit Cambridge:

Aunt Caroline, Cousin Joey, and Uncle Chip came for a visit in November:

Isabel reading to Joey, with Benjamin looking on.
With Uncle Chip at the Science Museum.
Isabel with Joey at the museum.
Benjamin and Isabel showing Joey the crystal exhibit.
Jack O'Lantern.
Benjamin and Joey playing trains.
Cousin Joey lying on the living room rug.
(The flash failed to go off, but I managed to rescue the under-exposed shot, thanks to the extra dynamic range in the RAW image.)

Christmas Holiday:

Unloading trees on a snowy field at Wilson Farms in Lexington.
Chantal and the kids choosing a tree.
Isabel and Benjamin in front of the tree at Grandparent's house in Falls Church.
Benjamin mugging for the wide-angle lens.
After a couple-year hiatus, Richard made another gingerbread house.
Isabel decorating.
The kids with the fully-decorated house.
Cheetahs at the National Zoo.
Next door was a zebra who seemed to enjoy teasing the young cheetahs.
Panda munching bamboo, which keeps him pretty busy.
Panda in profile.
Tigers prowling in pair.
A trio of tigers, displaying the "follow-me" spots on their ears.
Aunt Lorraine with the kids, admiring the big cats. These last few pictures were taken with my "zoo lens", the Canon 70-200/2.8L, handheld down to 1/90th sec, at ISO 800. Many pictures were cropped down a lot, making the equivalent focal length several hundred mm. This is the earlier non-stabilized lens, but it still does pretty well.

These pictures were taken with Canon G2 and EOS 10D digital cameras. Images were raw-converted with Phase One's C1 LE, and cropped, balanced, etc. with Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Digital Light & Color's Picture Window Pro.