Seattle, Feb-Mar 2004

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A trip via ferry and car around Puget Sound:

Waiting at the Ferry dock, on pier 52.
Seattle Harbor
The car ferry approaches.
En route, a view of the shipyard cranes, with Mt. Rainier looming Fuji-like beyond.
The skyline from out on the Sound.
Seattle from ferry
The Norwegian-settled town of Poulsbo, with the Olympic Peninsula just over the water.
On the Mt. Hood Canal, a spit of land shrouded in fog.
A dredger in the fog.
A shingle beach with the Olympics beyond.
The harbor at Port Townsend, looking back at the Cascade Range.
Ferry leaving Port Townsend.
Boats in the marina at Port Townsend.
A kayaker entering the marina.
The James House bed and breakfast, up on the cliff at Port Townsend.
Mt. Baker, from the ferry over to Whidbey Island.

Around Seattle: Chittenden Locks and Puget Sound beaches:

Pleasure boats filling up the big lock. This is a very pleasant place to hang around on a nice day, watching the boats come and go.
A full load of boats, with the Ballard railroad bridge open in the background.
Rotting pier on the beach at Golden Gardens Park.
The locks from the South side.
The Olympics across Puget Sound on a picture-perfect February day.
A panorama around Golden Gardens. (4 MB Quicktime movie.)

Down the Snoqualmie River:

The old train depot, now part of the Northwest Railway Museum, in the town of Snoqualmie.
A very small locomotive.
This Deco-style locomotive design is by Raymond Loewy.
A long purple diesel-electric.
Snoqualmie Falls, 270 feet high (more than Niagara, though not nearly as broad).
This mysterious image was automatically composed from the whole trip's worth, putting together views from inside and outside the observation deck.
In the moist surrounding forest, new trees appear to grow on the stumps of the old.
A hiker's bridge in a park down the river.

Back in Kirkland, by Lake Washington:

Marsh with cattails.
A red-wing blackbird on the cattails.
The marina beach, downtown.
Sunset over Lake Washington.
Sunset over the marina.

Discovery Park, in the Magnolia neighborhood:

The sun going down over Puget Sound.
A panoramic view from the cliffs:

Skiing at Stevens Pass, in the Cascades:

These pictures were taken with a Canon G2 digital camera. Images were cropped, balanced, etc. with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Panoramas created with Panavue Image Assembler and Microsoft Research tools.