Charlottetown is a village on Clode Sound, surrounded by Terra Nova National Park. We stayed at the Clode Sound Motel, which was fairly basic, but very welcoming.

On our first evening, Isabel and Benjamin enjoying the swings.
A walk down to "town"; a dock in the evening sun.
Wildflowers by the side of the road.
A shed with stacked logs and fireweed.
Lupins with a reminder of the rain of the day.
The next morning, bright and sunny, greeted by the motel cat, socks and all.
Down to the sound again, with some more serious hiking in mind.
Stacked birch logs.
Lobster pots on the dock.
Another dock on the quiet sound.
A bee enjoys some little violet wildflowers. (Common Aster?)
The ubiquitous Fireweed.
Benjamin on the rocks
Benjamin striking a rather balletic pose.
"Adventure shoes" drying out.
Water, rocks, sun, no one else around; what more could one want?
Wildflowers and a dock in the evening.
Benjamin, Chantal, and Isabel walking through the woods. We didn't see any moose or caribou, sadly.
Meadowsweet (Spirea).
Newfoundlanders call this "Partridgeberry", though it is more commonly known as Lingonberry. In any case, they're very tasty! (To add to the confusion, there are other things called Partridgeberry elsewhere...)
More Asters, probably.
Kids playing tennis on the motel court.
Evening clouds.
Having fun in the motel hot tub after dinner.
A multi-stemmed birch.
A paperbark birch trunk.

These pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 10D digital camera. Images were cropped, balanced, etc. with Adobe Photoshop Elements.