Caroline and Chip's Wedding, May 2002

Caroline and Chip were wed over Memorial Day weekend, 2002, at their home in Portola Valley. It was a gorgeous day, and a most joyous occasion. We were invited out for the weekend and to stay at the house, and so got the full experience.

(This was my first serious outing with a new Canon G2 digital camera, and I took about 200 pictures, burning through a whole 340 MB Microdrive, which I've (thankfully!) distilled down to less than fifty here.)

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones, or open them in another window, so this page doesn't have to be re-drawn. A high-speed connection is highly recommended; if you're on a slow connection like a dial-up line, you'll be disappointed with how long it takes... This page works best with at least 768x1024 pixel resolution, and a full color range ("true color", "millions of colors", or 24-32 bits).

All the kids on the play structure. Along with Isabel and Benjamin are Chip's boys Sammy (5) and Benny (3).
An interesting cactus, while we were out on a walk.
Isabel giving Benny a piggy-back ride.
A closeup of a spike of flowers on a tree, still on our walk.
Kids enjoying the pool.
Chantal admiring a great palm tree at the Stanford Barn, prior to the rehearsal dinner.
Caroline signing the Katubah, the Jewish wedding contract (acquired on-line!).
Chip signing the same.
Caroline and Chip relaxing afterwards.
Chip and Caroline handing out gifts.
More wild-flowers in the garden.
The kids picking an informal bouquet.
All the boys dressed up for the wedding: Benjamin, Sammy, and Benny.
Terry and Edmund with Chantal.
Isabel and Chantal.
Chip holding Benny.
Terry and Edmund.
Isabel, somewhat nervous in her rôle as flower-girl, getting her wreath of roses fitted.
The wedding couple with a couple of irreverent boys (Sammy and Benjamin).
Caroline with our mother José.
Benny, Caroline, Chip, and Sammy.
Terry and José proudly looking on.
The band.
A table centerpiece.
With Chip's mother Patsy.
Edmund giving his father-of-the-bride speech.
Caroline relaxing with a glass of champagne.
Benjamin engaged in some mutual picture-taking.
Caroline wouldn't be sticking her tongue out at her photographer-brother, would she?
The first dance.
... Continued.
Chantal taking a break.
The fountain in the pool.
Cutting the cake.
A well-deserved kiss.

Dancing a Hora. Click here for a little movie .

It's about three megabytes, so you may need some patience. I learned a bit about video editing putting this together, spending far too many hours investigating free-ware editing programs, codecs, etc. I eventually used the solid and fast VirtualDub for "linear" editing such as sharpening and compression, although it can also handle trimming and simple splicing. And I used MovieXone for the fancier effects like transitions. This is a very rich and featureful program, though somewhat fragile, crashing and hanging at times on my older Windows 98 machine.
The wedding couple raised in chairs.

Caroline with Stanford friends Roz and Hye-Ryeon.

These pictures were taken with a Canon G2 digital camera.