2002 Pictures

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In January, we went skiing again around Jackson, New Hampshire.

Isabel on the slope at Black Mountain.
Cross-country skiing.
Playing in the snow at the turn-around spot.
The warming hut.

In February, as usual, we went to California for the school vacation week.

First we spent a couple of days with Aunt Caroline and her friend Chip, at his house in Portola Valley, with an expedition to the beach at Half Moon Bay. The kids enjoyed Chip's dog Psyche, and his boys Benny and Sammy.
A fun sign at Half Moon Bay harbor.
Hamming it up: Benjamin, Isabel, Benny, and Sammy.
Then we spent a couple of days in Berkeley with Grandpa Edmund and Grandma Terry.

The kids got pretty good with an old hunting horn!

We visited Jack London Square in Oakland, and enjoyed Codornices Park, down the hill in Berkeley.
I stayed out West for business, and after seeing Chantal and the kids off back home, roamed around San Francisco a bit. Here are some less-traditional views...
I also went to take a look at some of my favorite buildings in Berkeley.
First, Bernard Maybeck's Christian Science church of 1910, which is fascinating in its blend of complex form and very economical construction.
Then another Arts and Crafts masterpiece, Greene and Greene's Thorsen house of 1909, built for a timber magnate, and now a UC Berkeley fraternity house. One of their four "ultimate bungalows", this is the only one outside Southern California. Masterful details form a sublime whole.
Over the weekend, my sister Caroline invited me to go skiing, to Squaw Valley. In this view, at about 9,000 feet, you can see Lake Tahoe in distance.
Chip and Caroline.
Caroline and myself, Richard.
Then I flew down to San Diego for a conference and tradeshow. Here is a panorama from the Convention Center, overlooking Coronado Island, from the bridge to an aircraft carrier at the naval base.

In the tradeshow booth: Mike, Randy, Rick, Richard, and Jeff, who is actually talking to a prospect.

In March, I went on a business trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina . And later in the month back to San Francisco for the JavaOne conference.

Isabel trying on her flower-girl dress for Aunt Caroline's upcoming wedding.
Chantal and friend Tessa.
Benjamin clambering on Chantal.
Isabel and friend Abigail playing dress-up.
Kids playing in the closet: Isabel and Benjamin with Noa and Nicholas.
One of my first pictures taken with a new Canon G2 digital camera: a self-portrait taken with the aid of the flip-screen pointed forward.

For better or worse, very realistic and lifelike, especially in its original four-megapixel incarnation.

In May, we went to California to celebrate my sister Caroline's wedding to Joseph "Chip" Krauskopf.

Benjamin playing in a cardboard box at Peter and Elizabeth's house.
Benjamin on the play structure at Guiliano's birthday party.
Isabel and Noa.
Benjamin's 6th birthday: Chantal organizing the kids in nature games.
Benjamin building a fort for the elves in the woods.
In a big beech tree.
All the kids on the branch.
Nicholas and Trevor look on as Benjamin opens a present.
Benjamin's Kindergarten graduation.
Benjamin with his mortar-board and diploma.
Spring flowers: roses and (true) geraniums from our front garden, in a pot by Marian.

This picture was done with the sensor pumped up to 400 ASA to avoid flash, which gives an effect remarkably similar to high-speed film: "graininess" and gentle loss of contrast, which can be attractive.
Father's Day.

In June/July, we went to France.


Benjamin playing with a birthday toy.

A big project this summer was re-doing the garden:

Chantal's plan, the last of many! Under construction. New plantings. Kids carrying off a beam.

In August I went on a business trip to Sonoma , in California.

A Duck Tour, a gift of Aunt Lorraine for Benjamin's birthday:

Ready to board the DUKW. Benjamin at the controls. Benjamin with comedian/driver/tour-guide. Our companion DUKW.

Later in August we went down to Sandy Neck, on Cape Cod:

Making beach plum jam:

Beach plums, these about the size and color of blueberries. Benjamin picking plums.
Isabel picking stems out. And rinsing. Stirring the pot with Grandma Dorothy. The strained juice, from which to make jelly.
Pitting to make jam. Isabel's chart.

Isabel reading, for a school summer assignment:

Clamming with Grandma Dorothy.
A jug of fresh clams.
Beach houses above the sea grass.
The "whale board".

A panorama on the front beach at low tide:

(This is a 5.5 MB Quicktime file. Note that Isabel appears doubled, because she moved while I was panning around!)

A new school year begins! Isabel now in Fourth grade, Benjamin in First.
First day of soccer!
Listening to the coach. Sharing a joke? In the thick of things. Looks like Benjamin is ready to score!

Isabel's Ninth Birthday:

The cake makes its appearance. Everyone helping to blow out that last candle. Receiving gifts. Admiring the presents.

In September I took a brief trip to Seattle .

In October, Chantal's birthday:
Isabel and I joined a walk on the stunning new Zakim bridge:

On October 21st, my sister Caroline had a son, Joey, my first nephew, and the kids' first first cousin. I was fortunate enough to be in California on a trip and was able to stop by that weekend.

Caroline holding Joey.
One of their cats, Artemis, getting into the act.
Dad, Chip, holding Joey.
Grandma José getting a turn.
Richard holding the baby with Caroline, and a couple of Joey himself:
Lastly, a couple of short movies:
On that trip, I was also in Palm Springs. Here's a panoramic view of the hotel grounds in the morning:

And I also got a chance to see Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece house, Fallingwater .


A few weeks later, I was able to see more Frank Lloyd Wright from the beginning of his career, in Oak Park, IL . And a couple days later in California, had a couple of hours to drive to the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton .

Our annual Christmas trip to Chantal's family in Falls Church, VA:

Aunt Lorraine enjoying a game of tic-tac-toe with Isabel and Benjamin. Benjamin decorating the tree.
Benjamin enjoying the fire.
A cheetah at the National Zoo.
Now poke it through... What's in this box?
Benjamin showing off his new remote-control fire boat. The kids bringing presents to Grandma Dorothy.
Sharing a book of Grandma Dorothy's Sandy Neck drawings. After a rare white Christmas, the kids built a snow man, but it started melting soon...
Grandpa Tor giving a little concert. Back home in Cambridge; lots of snow in the playground.
Building snow boulders with friends Anna and Trevor at the Cambridge Common. Our Holiday "poster".

These pictures were taken with Canon S100 and G2 digital cameras. Images were cropped, balanced, etc. with Adobe Photoshop LE and Photoshop Elements.