Marqueyssac is a real chateau, built for pleasure and not for war. It is famed especially for its gardens, and for its views over the neighboring castles. There are something like 10,000 box trees planted on the limestone bluff, amongst much else. (Astonishingly enough, Marqueyssac is not in the otherwise exhaustive Green Michelin guide to Dordogne, nor in the Lonely Planet guide to Southwest France. Chantal, as ever interested in gardens, found it in a local tourist publication.)

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The chateau itself, with its magnificent roof of lauze, which weighs more than 500 tons!
Isabel and Benjamin gambolling through some of the boxwood topiary.

Views of the castles:

Beynac And these three show Castelnaud in the distance.

The café promenade, and the view from there, with Beynac visible towards the left:

The kids loved the horse-drawn carriage. (The observant will note that these are two different horses! The latter took us for a ride.) A rather grand example of a stone shelter. On the right, an interior view of the roof, showing it's built rather like an igloo, with no internal framing.
Turning wooden toys from boxwood culled from the garden. We have the top that the artisan is busy making here.
The village of La Roque Gageac, under the cliffs.

The view from the back, with La Roque Gageac to the left, and to the right, Castelnaud, and Benjamin hamming it up:

A 360+ degree panorama from the front terrace: (Clicking on this will bring up a 6 MB Quicktime panorama.)