Lascaux is of course the cave famous for its pre-historic paintings. These days one cannot see the original, but instead can tour a replica, Lascaux II. And of course pictures of the outside are boring, and one cannot take photos inside, so to see what it's like, take a look at the official web site. Instead, here are some pictures of the surroundings.

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Montignac, in the heights above which was found the Lascaux cave, by four local boys in 1940, looking for their dog. The town is on the River Vézère.
The Bellevue restaurant above Lascaux, looking down into the valley below.

Some sights around the Bellevue, which was delightful in every way: view, food, service, friendliness:

Through an archway, a view afar. A little shepherd's shelter, constructed of limestone blocks and with a roof of lauze, or schist rock slabs. Benjamin with a canine friend. One still sees these old-European-style no-seat toilets around. Note the places for one's feet! One could argue these are more sanitary...

A panoramic view from the restaurant: