2001 Pictures

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In January, we went skiing with friends, the Cornings.
The Eagle Mountain House, in Jackson, New Hampshire.
The veranda.
Isabel and Benjamin resting on the ski slope.
Isabel and Anna proud of their cross-country skiing.
Ellsworth Ave. during a snow storm.
Isabel and Benjamin building a snow-man.
In February, we visited Grandpa Edmund and Grandma Terry in California.
Benjamin enjoying the fireplace in Berkeley.
Chantal helping Benjamin with his Lego.
The giant coast redwoods at Muir Woods.
(This vertical panorama was stitched from five "landscape" pictures.)

A long way up the redwoods.
Grandpa Edmund with the kids.
The Aquatic Park in San Francisco. (Maritime History Musuem).
(This horizontal panorama was stitched from seven pictures.)
Richard and the kids at Pier 39.
Back home, Isabel reading the Golly Sisters to Benjamin.
In March, my sister Caroline lent us her apartment in New York for a weekend.
Washington Square.
Battery Park, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.
A panoramic view of Manhattan from the Statue of Liberty.
Liberty, from underneath.
Big toes, from a life-size re-creation in the museum.
The reception hall at Ellis Island.
Benjamin fascinated by the view from the ferry.
A quiet street in Greenwich Village.
Isabel missing many teeth.
Moet the cat. 
(One of the first pictures with my first digital camera, a Canon Digital Elph S100.)

Isabel with her planting group at Peabody.

Isabel and her second-grade class, with Ms. Darling.
In April, my company went to the ball game (click to see) . And it was spring-time in Boston....
Apple blossoms.
More apple blossoms.
Isabel on the bridge at the Public Gardens.
With Grandma Jose in the Public Gardens.
Make way!.
Swimming lesson with Amanda.
Reading together.
Aunt Caroline in her new car. (On a business trip to the Bay Area.)
Sheep in Portola Valley.
San Francisco, looking down Lombard Street.
In May, Chantal and I went to London (click to see) , for my fortieth birthday.
A grand San Francisco facade, on yet another business trip.
And another, with a fun false front.
Isabel at her first piano recital.
Benjamin at his 5th birthday party, showing Trevor his window-climbing robot.
Benjamin admiring his birthday cake.
The girls enjoying their cake: Simone, Maxine, Isabel, and Anna.
Aunt Caroline gave Benjamin a fun tunnel game.
At Sandy Neck: Benjamin, Chantal, and Isabel.
Isabel and Benjamin runnning down the board path.
Benjamin showing off his crab.
Benjamin and Isabel in the lifeguard's chair.
Benjamin putting on his sandals.
360-degree Sandy Neck panorama (3.5 MB Quicktime file, stitched from 12 frames).
New rollerblades from Aunt Lorraine.
In July, I went to Santa Fe on business.
In August, we took a family trip to Norway .
Bigelow (daycare) graduation: Benjamin with classmates Joe and Noa.
Graduation kiss from Jen.
With Mioko. 
Benjamin and Isabel on the first day of school. (Kindergarten and 3rd grade, respectively.)
In September, I took a business trip to Barcelona, Spain , and got caught up in the events of the 11th.
Isabel's 8th birthday party.
More birthday party, with Benjamin eating his cake, Isabel opening her presents, and finally, some flowers that the girls collecting in the front garden.
Some Fall scenes: at Mt. Auburn cemetery at a favorite monument, Richard carving a pumpkin with Benjamin, and at the Middlesex Fells.
In Mt. Auburn cemetery again, with friend Trevor, and Halloween (in front of our old apartment across the street).
The Holiday season: Isabel in her school concert, Benjamin playing with trains, and opening presents at home.
In Falls Church, VA, with Chantal's parents.

To the right, Isabel with Grandma Dorothy and Aunt Marian, and Benjamin and Aunt Marian admiring Benjamin's new skateboard, from Aunt Lorraine.

Isabel with her Harry Potter, just like millions of other kids!
Tor's 80th birthday dinner. From the left: Marian, Uwe, Lorraine, Isabel, Benjamin, Dorothy, Tor, and Chantal.
The kids decorating gingerbread house and gingerbread boy:

Holiday Letter
Our Holiday letter. (Reduced from the print version.)

Many of these pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives, via Kodak PhotoCD or PictureCD. Others were taken with a Canon S100 digital camera.