Norway in a Nutshell

Rather than simply taking the train to Bergen, which is spectacular enough, we took one of the "Norway in a Nutshell" itineraries. In this case, it meant taking the Olso-to-Bergen train as far as Myrdal (wiith kids' play compartment on board!). Myrdal is at 865m, and descends down to Flåm at basically sea level via the famous Flåm Railway, the steepest adhesion (i.e. no cogs or cables) railway in the world. This lands you at the Aurlandfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest of the world. A two-hour ferry ride turns the corner into the Nærøyfjord, or "narrow fjord", arriving at Gudvangen. Then one takes a bus to Voss, stopping off at the historic Stalheim hotel to appreciate the view down the Nærøy valley. Finally, one rejoins the train down into Bergen. 

It's a long day, especially with kids and luggage, but it's all pretty amazing!

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones.

View from the train, an upland lake.
Higher up now, with snow and ice still on the mountains in August. This is probably near Finse, the highest station on the line at 1222m. The surrounding mountains rise above 1800m.
At a high station, with some intrepid bicyclists.
At Myrdal (866m), connecting to the Flåm line.
On our way down the Flåm valley, where the train travels down a gradient of up to 1:18. (The trains have five separate brake systems!)
The Kjosfossen waterfall.
Near Flåm, and the end of the line.
The ferry that will take us along the fjords.
Setting out along the Aurlandsfjord.
Just a beautiful spot.
One of a great many waterfalls which cascade down the cliffs.
A final view down the Nærøy valley, from Stalheim. The road up here is incredibly steep and twisty: a gradient of 1:5, with 13 hairpin turns. It's raining again...