Norway, August 2001

In August, we took a family trip to Norway, with Chantal's sister Lorraine, living in Geneva at the time, and their father, Tor Eide, who was born in Norway, coming to the US at age 8. (And of course Isabel and Benjamin!) Flying via Reykjavik, Iceland, we spent a couple of nights in the capital Oslo, a couple of nights in the Hanseatic town of Bergen, and then four nights on Karmøy, the island off the Southwestern coast where Tor's family is from. (Between Bergen and Stavanger.) Karmøy has a central place in the history of Norway, having been the residence of the first kings of united Norway a thousand years ago.

Perhaps I went a little wild taking pictures: in eight days I took 281 pictures, from which I've created these 112. There are about 18 megabytes of images here, so a broadband connection will be more pleasant than using a modem.

I've broken up the pictures into a series of pages, as follows:

These pictures were mostly taken with a Canon S100 digital camera. And then when its 128 MB memory card filled up, I used a Leica M6 with negatives scanned to Picture CD. Color balancing, cropping, etc. were done with Adobe PhotoShop LE. Panoramas were built with PanaVue Image Assembler. My apologies to various Norwegian tourist sites from which I abstracted map graphics.