The next phase of our trip was taking the fast catamaran "Flaggruten" ferry down the coast to Haugesund, which takes about three hours. The boat is fast enough that there is not much outside deck space, and emerging from the "wind shadow" of the upper lounge is pretty daunting. (How fast? Here's a reference, which pretty much matches another mention I saw of 60 km/hour, or 40 mph.) 

The views off the deck were very pretty, with the fields and little villages on the shores of the rocky islands looking exactly as one might hope, and more so than one seemed to have a right to expect.

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The wake of the ferry, surprisingly small for such a large and fast boat, but of course there are only the two slim catamaran hulls. The flag sure gets a beating!
One of the other ferries going back North.
A lonely house.
A North Sea oil platform under maintenance, it appeared, near Leirvik, which is the home of a big oil platform construction yard.
A little harbor near Mosterhamm. Here Olav Tryggvason brought Christianity to Norway, landing in 995.