Other sights in Barcelona

Parc de la Cuitadella

This park has a number of musuems: of Zoology (building by Domènech i Montaner), Geology, and Modern Art, as well as the Zoo, a monumental fountain, the Cascada (which Gaudí worked on as a young assistant), and the Catalan parliament. For the casual visitor, though, it's notable for being one of the few large open green spaces in town.


The port area is definitely a people-magnet. I didn't get to the Barceloneta neighborhood, but did have one dinner by the beach near the Port Olímpic. Below we have some views closer to downtown, with the Columbus monument marking the start of Las Ramblas, and Montjuïc to the West. From the Maremágnum entertainment complex, one gets impressive views of the Rambla de Mar walkway and bridge back to shore, and the marina.

Palau Reial de Pedralbes

The palace, near the monastery, was built in about 1921 for Royal visits to Barcelona, but was in such use for no more than a decade. Now it houses an outstanding historical ceramics collection, and an interesting museum of decorative arts. It's rather fun that these are housed in the apparently little-changed royal apartments.

Approaches to Tibidabo

Unfortunately I didn't make it to Tibidabo itself, the church and amusement complex overlooking the city, since the funicular was not working. But getting almost there was fun in its own way, taking the San Francisco-like tram, the Tramvia Blau, and the funky witch-hat architecture around the station.

Ceramics Market

Just off the Plaça de Catalunya, on the wide, pedestrian Av. Portal de L'Angel.


One last panorama around Barcelona, from the heights of the Parc Güell: