2000 Pictures

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Christmas tree at home.
Benjamin skiing.
Isabel & Benjamin painting. Benjamin enjoying his painting.
At the Fells in Winter.
Snuggling with Puss.
Bedtime reading. Drumlin Farms in April (with Guiliano).
Front gable.
Chantal in Quebec (10th anniversary).
A foggy morning at the Chateau Frontenac (Qeubec).
Isabel on her bike (no training wheels!).

(First picture with new Leica M6.)

And Benjamin on his bike.
With Grandma Jose at Danehy Park - a windy day. Isabel painting pottery at Kelly's birthday party.
Isabel on Aunt Caroline's lap, at Grandma Jose for her 65th.
Benjamin admiring Grandma Jose's 65th birthday cake.
Benjamin enjoying his new "'mote-control car", a fourth-birthday present. Benjamin blowing out his 4 birthday candles.
Benjamin opening birthday presents. (A little chocolate-y!)
Dorothy admiring her birthday cake (by Chantal).
Isabel and Benjamin at DAG's birthday lunch.
Tor, DAG, Percy, and Patsy.
First grade class at Peabody.
Benjamin feeding the goslings by the Charles.
Waquoit Bay, July 4th.
Chantal and the kids waiting for the ferry on Martha's Vineyard, July 4th.
Benjamin with his eggbeater that he chose himself.
Chantal at Camp Comfort (from the lighthouse). 
(Taken with older screwmount Nikon 105/2.5 with an adapter on Leica M6.).
Panorama of Sandy Neck (from the lighthouse)
(Stitched from a series taken with a Summicron 50/2 on Leica M6.)
At Sandy Neck, digging on the sand bar.
Launching a boat.
Sandy Neck lighthouse. 
(Taken with older screwmount Canon 28/2.8 with an adapter on Leica M6.)
Sandy Neck dune grass. 
(Also with Canon 28/2.8.)
Isabel and 2nd cousin Emily.
Out the bedroom window from the lighthouse-keeper's dwelling.
First day of school.
Isabel's first day of 2nd grade.
Isabel's 7th birthday.
Isabel's 7th birthday, with Sofie.
Apple picking.
On Walden Pond.
Tall grass at the Zoo.
At the Zoo.
With Grandma Jose at Roger Williams Zoo.
WPA sidewalks in Pawtucket.
Witch costumes for Halloween.
"Arts and Crafts" style in Pawtucket.
Tossing leaves with Aunt Caroline.
Puppet Theatre from Grandpa Edmund and Grandma Terry.
Norwegian sweaters.
With Aunt Marian in Falls Church.
Isabel at Christmas-time.
Benjamin with Grandpa Tor.
Gingerbread house.
Benjamin sleeping on chair.

These pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives with an HP PhotoSmart scanner.