1999 Pictures

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Isabel "flying the plane" to California.
On the little train in Oakland.
By the little train.
Grandpa Edmund showing Benjamin the balancing bulls.
Ceramic tiles in fence in Berkeley.
Stairs on Rose Walk in Berkeley.
Down the big slide at Codornices Park.
The Golden Gate.
Reading with Aunt Caroline and Grandma Jose in Redwood City.
Benjamin "the monkey".
With Grandma Jose in Redwood City.
Benjamin on the airplane back home.
In April, I went on an international business trip. See Germany and India.
Isabel in the tulips, in the Public Garden.
Pink tulips.
Yellow tulips.
Isabel and Benjamin in the tulips.
Red tulips.
How'd that red one get in there?
Ah, Boston in the Spring!
Isabel and Benjamin in the cherry tree.
Heads together in the cherries.
Make way for Benjamin!
Lilac Sunday at the Arnold Arboretum.
Sharing a lemonade.
Benjamin's 3rd birthday.
Isabel, Maxine, and Tweetie.
With Grandma Jose at Benjamin's birthday.
Benjamin at Mt. Auburn cemetery.
At the Mt. Auburn cemetery.
A not-so-furry friend.
A pool-party with the Dahers.
Eating a hamburger (or is he?).
At Sandy Neck, Benjamin enjoying his bath.
In the dunes.
Being carried by Mama.
Isabel and Aunt Marian.
On the porch at Camp Comfort.
Picking beach plums.
Sunset over Front Beach.
Front Beach at low tide.
Pier at low tide.
Rowing with Grandma Dorothy.
Dutch's geraniums.
A breezeway onto Barnstable Harbor.
Another amazing Sandy Neck sunset.
More amazing marine biology!.
Hugs with Aunt Marian in the rowboat.
Benjamin with Grandma Jose in Pawtucket.
Blowing bubbles in Pocasset.
Rowing into the wind.
Grandma Terry helping Isabel with 6th birthday clothes.
Grandpa Edmund helping out.
Opening presents with Grandpa Edmund.
Benjamin and Isabel on the front steps.
With Dad.
First day of first grade.
Isabel enjoying her birthday party.
The boys at Isabel's birthday party: Andre, Benjamin, and Alex.
All the girls: Lydia, Maxine (hidden), Isabel, Anna, and Noy (and Mama, of course!).
In October, Chantal and I went on our first post-kids trip without them, to our high-school 20th reunion. See MAHS 20th Reunion
Thanksgiving table decoration.
1999 Family Picture.
The cooks: Aunt Caroline and Grandma Jose.
A piggyback ride.
In downtown Providence.
Back in Grandma's house.
Decorating the tree.

These pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives with an HP PhotoSmart scanner and processed with Adobe Photoshop LE.