1998 Pictures

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Grandma Jose and Isabel on the beach near Half Moon Bay, California. The beach.
Drawing on the sand. Chantal and Benjamin on the windy beach.
New hats.
Hair in the face.
Gardening on the roof deck.
Chantal drying Isabel after a bath.
With Aunt Caroline in the Mt. Auburn Cemetary.
Blowing dandelions.
Isabel's Bigelow (daycare) graduation. Isabel's graduation cake.
Picnic at George's Island in Boston Harbor.
Benjamin's 2nd birthday, with Natalie Rose.
With Puss and Anna.
With Harriette.
Benjamin enjoying his cake. Isabel swinging Aunt Caroline; July 4th on Cape Cod.
Lawnchairs at the Lighthouse Inn. Playing with Aunt Caroline at the beach.
Isabel and Benjamin at home.
At Camp Comfort, painting Deanna's nails.
A Sandy Neck sunset. Isabel and Benjamin with Murphy the dog at Sandy Neck.
Sunset on Dutch's house.
Benjamin at Sandy Neck.
Another sunset.
Isabel taking down the flag with Grandma Dorothy.
Baths at Sandy Neck.
On the sandbar.
Benjamin and Grandma Dorothy.
Isabel and Benjamin with Harriette.
All the kids with Harriette: Marisol, Isabel, Benjamin, Natalie Rose, and Sarah.
A vegetable barrow, around Chatham on Cape Cod.
Isabel and Benjamin on the beach near Chatham.

And to the right, an unusual view for us of the Sandy Neck cottages, from the Whale Watcher boat.

Four generations on the Coast Guard Beach at Nauset on Cape Cod: Mamie Lucienne (visiting from France), Grandma Jose, Aunt Caroline, Benjamin, Richard, and Isabel. (Looks like the kids are not enjoying the wind!)
And with Chantal.
Chantal and the kids on the beach by Chatham.
Isabel's first day of school, Kindergarten at the Peabody School.
Isabel as a butterfly, her 5th birthday party.
Isabel helping Benjamin try on her old winter coat, of which he grew to be quite fond.
1998 Family picture.

And to the right, a couple of bath scenes.

Christmas in Falls Church; Grandma Dorothy helping Benjamin decorate the tree.
Isabel, Chantal, Benjamin, and Grandma Dorothy reading stories.
A hug from Aunt Marian.
Benjamin with new toy truck.
More new toys! Maybe a bit overwhelming...
More story-reading, with Aunt Marian and Grandma Dorothy.
Admiring Daddy's gingerbread house.
Watching television.
Grandpa Tor enjoying his grandson.
Benjamin sleeping it all off on the plane home.

Some of these pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives onto PhotoCD by Kodak, some by myself with an HP PhotoSmart scanner.