1997 Pictures

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Benjamin napping in his crib.
Isabel drinking a cup of water.
Benjamin on his changing pad.
Kids in the bath. Looks like Isabel is pinching Benjamin's bottom!
Benjamin on the living room rug.
Isabel made a train with her tiger and his walker.
Most years in February we went to California to visit family.

Isabel and Grandma Jose in the playground in Redwood City.
Chantal walking with the kids in Redwood City.
Looking at a book with Aunt Caroline.
Benjamin in his blue suit on the rug.
Soaking up the sun.
Isabel jumping on top of Benjamin.
Crystal Springs reservoir.
Aunt Caroline with the kids.
Benjamin, one sock on, one sock off.
The Golden Gate, from Berkeley.
Bathing the kids in the kitchen sink, at Grandpa Edmund's and Grandma Terry's house in Berkeley.
Comet Hale-Bopp, the "Great Comet of 1997", which made its closest approach to Earth on March 22. This was probably taken around then. Viewing conditions in Cambridge are typically pretty poor, so contrast has been enhanced. One can see faint, colored star trails.
Benjamin in his colorful winter garb.
In the park in the early Spring.
The great April Fools snowstorm, which brought an all-time 24-hour record of 25.4 inches to Boston, just days after sunny weather in the 60s.

A lot of snow for a small girl!

With Grandma Jose on a Bigelow field trip to the Public Gardens.
Isabel sitting on one of the Duckling statues.
Chantal carefully considering an Allium, with the kids' help.
Benjamin playing in the Cambridge Common playground.
Grandma Jose helping Benjamin on the see-saw.
Benjamin showing early computer aptitude.
Tulips in the Public Gardens in May.
Chantal giving Benjamin and Puss a hug.
Benjamin crawling down the hall.
Benjamin's first birthday party.
Benjamin somewhat uncertain about a new stuffed animal.
Benjamin eating his first birthday cake: quite a production!
Raggedy Andy meets with much approval.
Fun with the wrapping paper, as usual.
Afterwards, concert from Grandpa Tor, though Benjamin seems to have other business to attend to...
Richard in front of the camera, for once.
In Radcliffe Yard, practicing walking.
A hug.
Isabel and friend Anna.
Going for a walk.
Aunt Caroline with Isabel on a Charles River excursion.

A view of the Basin.

Chantal and Benjamin at Sandy Neck.
Benjamin brushing his teeth in the kitchen at Camp Comfort..
Benjamin getting a bath in the cooler.
Sunset over Barnstable Harbor.
A view of the lighthouse from the porch of Camp Comfort. The brick tower dates from 1857, and the keeper's house (on the left) from 1880.
Isabel and Benjamin on the sand bar.
A view into the back bedroom at Camp Comfort.
Isabel's 4th birthday; looking at a new book.
Isabel whispering something to Addie.
Benjamin giving Daddie a leg-hug.
Bringing out the "castle" cake.
Isabel sharing a seat with Anna.
Chantal enjoying herself with Benjamin.
Benjamin in the Cambridge Common playground.
Fall in the Mt. Auburn cemetary.
Richard and the kids up in the tower.
Isabel in the playground.
Apple picking.
Benjamin getting a free one.
Autumn leaves.
The Head of the Charles crew races.
The usual photographer caught in front of a camera!  Richard is holding a Canon T-90 with the fun 50/1.2 L lens.
Benjamin not helping with packing.
1997 Holiday family picture.
Benjamin with Amanda, a favorite baby-sitter.
Isabel and Chantal looking at photo albums.
A Fall leaf.
Benjamin and Isabel at her parents' house in Falls Church.
Isabel, Aunt Marian, and Grandma Dorothy.
Grandpa Tor singing and playing his guitar.
Benjamin filling Isabel's stocking.
Gingerbread bungalow, assembled but un-decorated.
Gingerbread bungalow in final state.
Benjamin reading with Grandma Dorothy.
Isabel drawing with Aunt Lorraine.

These pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives with an HP PhotoSmart scanner. Cameras used were probably mostly a Canon T-90 and a Contax G-1, with a couple from Chantal's Olympus Stylus.