1996 Pictures

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In California in February to visit family:

Isabel with Aunt Caroline.
Getting a hug from Grandma José.
Petting a neighborhood cat; looks like our Puss!

How tall is Mama?

Back home:

New mittens!
Friend Addie.
On the swing in the Common Park.
With Aunt Marian.
Isabel on her tricycle.
Chantal looking on.
Isabel with Big Shades!
Favorite snack: Fig Newton.

In April, I went on a business trip to San Diego , and wandered around town, the desert, etc.

Back in town, with Chantal getting visibly pregnant with Benjamin:

Chantal at home with Isabel.
Blowing dandelions.
In the azalea bush.
Chantal at the Common Park.
Isabel on the see-saw.
Chantal (and Benjamin), Isabel, and Puss all together on the cow chair.

Benjamin is born, 6 June (6/6/96), at Beth Israel hospital in Boston:

Benjamin a minute or so old, and apparently not enjoying the experience.
A well-deserved rest.
Chantal holding Benjamin.
Being held.
Isabel holding Benjamin for the first time:
Back at home, Isabel and Benjamin.
Asleep again.
Up and about in the car seat.
Kids on the bed.
Awake on the changing mat.
And asleep again.
Richard holding Benjamin.
Chantal and Benjamin rocking on the back porch.
Isabel out with friends, bubbles, and little brother:

A family excursion, with Aunt Lorraine:

Isabel sampling the water in the Maple-and-Marie playground.
Richard and Isabel in glorious black-and-white.
Benjamin over Chantal's shoulder.
Siblings holding siblings: Aunt Marian with Chantal and the kids.
Isabel waving the Benjamin in the stroller.
And Isabel pushing Benjamin along the path.

At the beach, July Fourth on Cape Cod:

A family portrait in the park.
Benjamin looking alert on on his mat.
An adoring Grandma Dorothy with Benjamin.
Isabel on the sofa with her bear.
Chantal with Benjamin in the park.
Isabel holding Benjamin, and loving every moment of it!
Isabel on the see-saw on a warm day.
Benjamin looking a little worried in his bouncy chair.
At the Mary Baker Eddy memorial.
Bath time with Grandma José.
Chantal holding Benjamin at a party.
Grandpa Tor drying Benjamin after a bath.
Grandpa Edmund and Grandma Terry came to visit as well:
Benjamin on the rug.
Isabel was very fond of the swing, and it looks like her bear was, too.
Chantal walking with Benjamin.
Benjamin starts smiling!

Sandy Neck:

Isabel and Chantal on the sand dunes.
A piggy-back ride.
Chantal with Benjamin on the porch in the evening.
From the interior, looking back out to the cottages.
Isabel holding Benjamin, in her cool shades.
With Grandma Dorothy.
Isabel at the shed.
Going boating in the "Raspberry".

Back home in the Fall:

Isabel in her cozy jumper, opening an early birthday present.
Benjamin in the Snugli, ready to paint?
Isabel's 3rd birthday party.
On an apple-picking trip.
And Isabel has got a pumpkin, too.
Aunt Caroline was visiting and came with, here holding Benjamin.
And Chantal's got pumpkins as well!
Benjamin happy on his quilt on the kitchen floor.
Kids on the living room rug.
Chantal and Benjamin playing.
A family picture.

Not that great, but one of the few we have.

Isabel feeding Benjamin, with Aunt Lorraine helping.
Isabel trying out a harmonica.
Benjamin on the rug again.
Isabel decorating the tree.

In Falls Church for Christmas:

Isabel and Chantal investigating the stockings.
And trying out a recorder.
Aunt Marian and Grandpa Tor bathing, dressing, and playing with Benjamin.

Some of these pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives onto PhotoCD by Kodak, most by myself with an HP PhotoSmart scanner. Cameras used were probably mostly a Canon T-90, and a few with a Canon EOS A2.