1995 Pictures

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones.

In San Francisco over New Year's to visit family:

Richard holding Isabel.
Chantal with Isabel (and champagne!)
At the San Francisco Zoo: Isabel enjoying the goats.
A Bengal Tiger.
Isabel pushing her stroller.
A Pacific Heights facade.

(Stitched from two images, not quite perfectly matched.)

Another streetscape, in dramatic light.
In the stroller, at Alta Vista park high over the city.
Chantal holding Isabel at the park
At Grandma José's house:

At home again:

Isabel in glorious black & white on the slide.

An excursion to North Easton, to see H.H. Richardson's work for the Ames family:

Ames Memorial Hall

A few that Chantal took with her little Olympus Stylus:

Isabel in family day-care with Lei Li.
Looks like Isabel is reading her diaper like a book!
Eating a strawberry. (Isabel was in the throes of chicken pox at this time.)
On the bed with Pippi, etc.
Isabel eating a candy apple. Isabel hanging up Christmas ornaments.
Isabel "practicing" piano.
More to come...

Some of these pictures were scanned from 35mm negatives onto PhotoCD by Kodak, most by myself with an HP PhotoSmart scanner. Cameras used were probably mostly Canon T90 and F1n with various FD lenses.